Thursday, August 18, 2016

Congrats to Jace, Center Speech-Language Program Grad!

Jace is now in kindergarten. He graduated from the Center's Speech-Language Program in the summer of 2015. He began therapy with us when he was only two years old. Therapy focused on acquiring words which he learned to combine into sentences. He also worked on his developmental speech sound production, understanding oral directions and answering questions about a story or event.
Jace made great strides in his development and graduated from the program. Yeah Jace!
Jace visited us yesterday and told his therapist, Miss Kimberly, that he is excited to go to his new school and that he is very happy. Jace is entering kindergarten with the speech-language skills necessary for him to learn to read and write and to have fun with lots of new friends.
Can we ask for anything more?

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