Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Welcome Midori Snyder, Returning Development Dept. Volunteer!

Midori Snyder is back as a Marketing volunteer in the Development Department at the Center for Hearing & Speech. Midori had volunteered with the Development Department for five months last winter, creating promotional flyers for special events. These days, Midori is researching hearing and speech news online to help promote awareness of the Center’s cause and maximize fundraising potential.

Midori’s interest in volunteering began with her kids’ involvement in environmentalism causes such as Missouri Stream Team.  Her family helped remove pollutants from local waterways and learned how to monitor water quality.  

“Most of our volunteer work has in some way incorporated taking care of the environment,” she said.  “We loved rehabilitating injured wild animals at Bi-State-Wildlife.  But I think at the top of the list is working at the Rabbit House Society.  We are a family of bunny lovers.”

Midori is a senior at University of Missouri – St. Louis, finishing a BS in Marketing, with a minor in Logistics. Her husband, Brad, teaches math.  

“I’m feeling especially grateful for him this semester as I am taking a calculus based statistics class,” she said. “He has been my guiding light for the last couple of weeks.”  

Midori was born and raised in St. Louis, but often travels to Japan, as much of her family lives there.

The couple have 12-year-old twins named Emi and Ayla, and a cute little lop-eared black bunny named Shadow.

Midori enjoys family activities that involve the great outdoors, especially  snowboarding, wakeboarding and relaxing at their cabin on Mark Twain Lake where they go boating and hiking. 

“I’m very excited to be working with the Center, and very much appreciate this opportunity,” she said.   “I’m looking forward to helping those in need as well as gaining some experience in the field of marketing.”

The Center for Hearing & Speech is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that donates $1.75 million in speech/language and audiology services each year to residents of metropolitan St. Louis. CHS improves the quality of life for individuals with hearing and speech disorders by providing caring and high quality services, regardless of one’s ability to pay. The Center continually strives to address a greater portion of the unmet need relating to speech and audiology in the St. Louis region. It is a proud member of the United Way of Greater St. Louis and the Better Business Bureau.

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