Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hear Malawi: Photography Project for African Teenagers With Hearing Loss

What is your favorite sound? These teenagers have been presenting their answers in visual form. They use digital cameras donated by Fujifilm to capture sounds and scenes from their everyday lives that portray their newly discovered world of sound.

The Hear the World Foundation is challenging young people in the African Republic of Malawi to photograph their favorite sounds, which they can hear again thanks to their new hearing aids.

The Foundation, in collaboration with Philipp Rathmer, well-known German photographer, has launched a photography workshop for teenagers with hearing loss. During the three-day workshop the teenagers were instructed on the proper handling of a camera and embarked on their own photo mission.
The extraordinary pictures taken by the teenagers during the photography workshop provide a pure insight into their lives and the newly discovered world of sounds. The project also shows that children and young people who receive treatment for their hearing loss have the same chances and opportunities as their contemporaries with normal hearing.
The non-profit Hear the World Foundation campaigns worldwide for equal opportunities and a better quality of life for people with hearing loss. It particularly supports projects designed to help children in need with impaired hearing. Unless they receive the audiological and medical care they require, children with hearing loss have difficulty learning to speak. In low-income countries like Republic of Malawi, the consequences of this are especially far-reaching: the children affected have almost no chance of receiving a school education, they do not develop at an appropriate rate for their age, and as a result they face social exclusion.
In close cooperation with Australian organization EARS Inc., and the African Bible Colleges (ABC) Malawi, the Hear the World Foundation has been supporting people with hearing loss in Republic of Malawi since 2011. The focus has been on building and establishing a clinic and training center in the capitol city of Lilongwe. Since its ceremonial opening in 2013, hundreds of people with hearing loss have been helped at the clinic.
For more information, visit the Hear The World Foundation’s website at
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