Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Big Thanks to Vicki Nanney, Center’s Administrative Assistant Volunteer!

Center staffers Ann Joseph and Kimberly Camp with volunteer Vicki Nanney.
Nanney’s mother is severely hearing impaired and wears a hearing aid.

Center for Hearing & Speech thanks administrative assistant volunteer  Vicki Nanney for the donation of her time in the Center’s office and clinic this past year. Nanney is moving on to her new role as a nutrition administrative assistant for the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging (MEAAA).

Nanney answered phones and provided administrative support to the Center from May 2013 to February 2015, volunteering more than 390 hours of her time. In the Clinic, Nanney retrieved client charts for the next day’s appointments and made appointment confirmation phone calls. In the Payables area, she entered hearing aid invoices, processed checks for management signature & mailing and filed the payables paperwork.  In addition, she worked on projects for the industrial, school screening and development departments, and filled in during a staff member’s recent medical leave.

"With most of us here at the Center ‘wearing many hats,’ it was great to have Vicki come in twice a week and take some of these tasks off my plate so that I could focus more on reporting and IT issues,” said Ann Joseph, the Center’s systems analyst. “Besides being very pleasant and easy to work with, I could count on the quality of her work.”

Vicki’s mother wears a hearing aid, so she was able to relate to the Center’s mission and wanted to contribute. My mother is severely hearing impaired so I have a sympathy and understanding for the Center’s clientele,” she explained. A St. Louis native and Mizzou alumna, Nanney moved to Baltimore for a job as the Hearing Journal’s assistant managing editor prior to moving back to the area and becoming a freelance copywriter.

Nanney said she initially became a Center volunteer to gain work experience during a career change.  “All of my experience was in medical publishing and, when that industry began merging and downsizing, I lost a lot of opportunity,” she explained. “It was entirely too stressful so I decided I’d like to assist a person or a department with their work instead.” 

Right away, Nanney clicked with the Center’s staff and volunteers. “The clinic was such a fun place because of the great people and the interaction with all of the audiologists, who are awesome!” she said. “I have never worked in a place where the morale is so high! The people are all just genuinely kind and easy going.” She encouraged potential volunteers to consider the Center as a great place to gain experience for future employment.

In her new job, Nanney will be assisting the administrative manager in MEAAA’s efforts to serve the elderly. “It is also a non-profit, which was an important criterion for a job for me after working at the Center,” Nanney said. “Both the Center and MEAAA work together periodically so I hope to see some of the old gang!”

The Center for Hearing & Speech is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that in 2013 provided $1.75 million in speech/language and audiology services to residents of metropolitan St. Louis.

It is a proud member of the United Way and in October was awarded the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) 2014 TORCH award.

The award is given to businesses and charities that “demonstrate a commitment to customer service through exceptional standards for ethical business practices,” according to the BBB.       




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