Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brad Bishop rotates off Center's Board of Directors

The Center's Executive Director, Rita Tintera, right, gave
outgoing board member Brad Bishop a service award
in early December.  Bishop served on the Center's
board of directors for 15 years. 
Brad Bishop has rotated off the Center’s board of directors.

He has served on the board since 1999.

“It is not often that a board member such as Brad comes along,” said the Center’s Executive Director Rita Tintera. “He is dedicated to the cause and provides exceptional leadership. I will miss his presence, but know that he is just a phone call away when I am in need of advice.”

Bishop originally joined the board as a favor to a friend. He maintained ties with the Center for more than a decade because of its work on behalf of St. Louisans needing help with communications disorders but having little or no means to afford treatment.
“Over the years I have come to know and appreciate just how much the Center does in serving the ‘underserved’ that need assistance in speech and hearing,” he said. Bishop has personal experience with the Center as well. His 14-year-old son was a Center client for short spurts during summer breaks to help keep him on track with speech pathology exercises.

During his board tenure, Bishop served on numerous committees, and as treasurer, vice president and board president, twice. His greatest sense of accomplishment was being a “constant,” he says, someone who was there when the Center evaluated programs that did not serve its mission as well as originally intended.

His years with the Board also helped new members feel more connected to the Center. “My history has provided some grounding to the new members that come along,” he said.
He encourages anyone who wants to feel part of the community and give back to consider volunteering and ultimately board service. “The rewards more than offset any negatives. You really get to meet some wonderful people – staff, board, donors, etc.”

Bishop is a graduate of the University of Florida. He is partner in Matter Family Office. Prior to this he was a senior vice president of The Commerce Trust Company.

He is a board member of the Animal Protective Association of Missouri and serves on the investment committee of Forest Park Forever.

Bishop is an avid reader, enjoys running and training for triathlons.

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