Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ann Munier Celebrates Eight Years with Center in January

Ann Munier talks up the Center for Hearing & Speech at an area
health fair. 
Ann Munier will celebrate her eight-year anniversary with the Center for Hearing & Speech in January.

Munier is the Center’s Community Outreach Coordinator.

It’s her job to tell people about the Center and its services, and the assistance it offers patients who cannot afford treatment for speech/language and audiology challenges they or family members face.

“Ann is the face and voice of the Center to many in our community,” said Rita Tintera, executive director. “She does a great job keeping in touch with professionals that share our same target population - those without the financial resources to access services.”

 “I talk to social workers, clinicians, a whole variety of people,” Munier said. “Some know about our services and some don’t.”

She also sets up Center exhibits at area health fairs. While she participates in as many as she can on behalf of the Center throughout the year, some months are busier than others. “Spring and fall are my busy seasons,” she said. “It does tend to pick up right before school starts.” 

Munier travels throughout the 16-county United Way of Greater St. Louis service area. It stretches west from Warren County in Missouri eastward to Clinton County in Illinois.

While her job keeps her on the move, Munier enjoys it a lot. “The services the Center provides are great, and its mission to help people afford them is wonderful,” she said.

In her spare time Munier likes to read psychology books and travel to new places.

The Center for Hearing & Speech is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that in 2013 provided $1.75 million in speech/language and audiology services to residents of metropolitan St. Louis.

It is a proud member of the United Way and in October was awarded the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) 2014 TORCH award.

The award is given to businesses and charities that “demonstrate a commitment to customer service through exceptional standards for ethical business practices,” according to the BBB.

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